A weekend of adventure, soul sisterhood, and connection with industry leaders.

Speak your truth on stage.
Learn how to captivate using your inspiring story.
Create new opportunities through in person connection.
Implement rituals to embody ease and flow in your coaching business.

I’m honored to invite you to an exclusive four-day retreat on the beautiful beaches of Fairfield Connecticut.

Learn from me, and the brilliant minds of industry innovators you know and love.

Explore the perfect balance of high level networking, and deeply peaceful relaxation.

Get the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, and fearlessly onto the stage.

Connect more deeply to your body, spirit, intentions, and desires than ever before.

Immerse yourself in the resources & support you need to thrive, and take your coaching practice to the next level.

Discover the incredible power of sisterhood, build empowering friendships and joint venture partnerships that will last a lifetime.

Here's what I know:

When you deliberately take time away to learn, create, and map your path to greatness alongside heart-centered women just like you… your life changes.

Awareness sharpens. Hearts open.

A world of incredible possibility starts to unfold – and it’s yours for the taking.

Because you’ve finally squared your lovely shoulders, and taken on an obstacle so many people can’t: FEAR!

Fear of being seen.
Fear of “looking silly”.
Fear of people telling you “You don’t deserve to do this”.

By dancing with that doubt, you learn how to move past it with grace and lightness. You gift yourself permission to design a life that embodies your most intimate desires and truths - no matter what the naysayers try to tell you.

Do you know what happens when you take the stage to bring those truths to your people? They just can’t help listening.

It’s time to come out of hiding, clarify your mighty message, and let your voice be finally, finally heard.

I created this retreat to help rising coaching stars (like you) get some time away to really focus on their next steps.

You’ll be by supported by genius leaders in the industry, fellow coaches on a similar path, and the tools that will help you shine even more brightly.

It’s your chance to make the shifts that will change everything – in your life, business, and client work – and have a blast doing it.

It’s time to live your light – and change the world. It’s your turn to embody what it looks and feels like to captivate.

This is your moment.

Don’t wait! Spots are limited to 30 amazing women.

Finally live fully and freely in your business

Feel like you've arrived, and you’re ready to rock – versus still struggling to find yourself

Meet and connect with brilliant women who think like you, share your challenges, and are on the same path to walking their talk

Be noticed, respected, and celebrated by the innovators you admire most

Learn exclusive tips and tactics from the geniuses who've already made it to the top

Learn simple strategies to share your story and captivate on stage

Speak your truth on stage

Build a coaching practice that really transforms lives

Turn your inbox from a ghost town into a love note treasure trove, complete with exclusive invites from a sisterhood of women you once only admired from afar

Immerse yourself in the resources & support you need to thrive, and take your coaching practice to the next level

Discover the incredible power of sisterhood, and build empowering friendships & joint venture partnerships that will last a lifetime

Retreat Details:

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is TENTATIVE! The details are subject to even more fabulous changes as we get closer to our start date.

The weekend begins with a performance called Captivate (of course)

CAPTIVATE is an annual gathering of passionate soul-voices, magic ritual, and wild dance moves! Our intention is to come together as a united circle of soul sisters, wellness goddesses, femeprenuers, and confident leaders to inspire and open each other up!

CAPTIVATE is a Broadway style performance and a new paradigm of expression designed to inspire us each to expand our soul and ultimately our ability to speak the deepest and purest truth. Expect to see a new and unexpected edge revealed from some of the most powerful spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs you love to love. Get ready to be transformed through rituals, talent, and a whole lot of truth!

CAPTIVATE is about recognizing how the identity changes most of us face as women affect our human experience from a soul level. It’s about sharing our most vulnerable stories of the most divinely orchestrated intent.. And it’s about remembering that through sisterhood and community we can truly handle anything. And leave these lines:

The main event will be open up to the public, so it’s a fabulous opportunity for high-level networking in a small, safe, open community of powerful women from around the world.

As a retreat attendee, you’ll have VIP seating with your Captivate sisters, and get an onstage introduction (and a wild round of applause!)


Here’s a peek at what we’ll be getting into:

Learn how to captivate on stage

Meet your sisters for the first time in person

Ease into a safe space for chatting with your coaching idols

Cultivate a family-like connection

Enjoy a fun, high-power performance

Recreate your own story, balancing ambition and ease in your life and business

This is the perfect way to make new friends, be seen, and step out of your comfort zone
Which is what this retreat is all about.

These group sessions are packed with new coaching techniques, business strategies, and on stage techniques you can use to take your business to the next level.

Mission Statement/Manifesto workshop

It’s time to declare your powerful vision for your business and/or life.

We’ll spend the day covering everything you’ll need to defeat your fears, tell your story in a way that holds audiences spellbound, step up your confidence, and unleash your oh-so-sexy femininity. This is also our first deep dive into our circle of sisterhood.

We’ll meditate, move our bodies, dance, and get to know each other. In a safe, held space, you’ll have the chance to truly find your voice, share your stories, and get 1:1 time with our special guests.

Surprise guest speakers:

Your favorite thought leaders and celebrity coaches will be dropping in to share their wisdom, help you get over your useless fears and walk with infectious confidence.

Sisterhood surprise evening gathering:

On this second wonderful evening we have arranged a surprise adventure to help you get to know your fellow Captivators, and release any tension for your moment in the spotlight.

(Tea, healthy snacks, chocolate included, of course!)

It’s time to make magic, and put everything you've learned in day 1 & 2 to work. Don’t worry: your sisters will be right there in the audience, cheering you on!

Time to take the stage!

We’ll spend the morning getting you all glammed up to rock the mic. I’ll be there before showtime to help you calm your nerves, and ground your energy, so you can give your most incredible performance ever.

You’ll get a personal mic, and we’ll design the sound and lighting to help you shine. You’ll support your sisters, hear their stunning stories, share your own, and celebrate each other’s courage and brilliance wildly.

After everyone gets their “standing O”, we’ll share loving feedback and accolades abound.

Surprise Excursion

After the applause dies down, we’ll head off to a top secret location to celebrate and give you the tools you need to keep this level of self-care up, long after you leave!

(Tea, healthy snacks, chocolate included, of course!)

Join me and other special celebrity guests for an intimate circle rooted in soulful intent, and spiritual growth.

We’ll dive into all of it: the true meaning and powerful purpose of rituals, self care, love, and relaxation.

We’ll take a meticulous look at your desires and fears, and where you struggle to be vulnerable, to help you embrace flow, unshakable confidence, and magnetic receptivity.

New surprises and practices will be introduced during our deepening day, to help you create even stronger bonds of friendship with your sisters. We’ll examine your pain and joy points, and reflect on how you’ll integrate all the game-changing moves you’ve made this weekend into your life back home.

From there, we’ll draw up a clear structure, and strategic plan-of-action for managing your time, shining your light, asking for support, and embracing sisterhood with arms wide open in the weeks, months, and years to come.

(Lunch and Dinner Included)

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This weekend is about:
- Getting seen and heard in the coaching industry
- Taking a break to connect to yourself, and other women like you
- Letting your light shine – and supporting others as they do the same.

Fair warning:
There will be spiritual expansion.
Surprises. Fun. Laughter. Tears.
Comfort zones will be ditched.
Obstacles will be conquered.
And you will never, ever be the same.

*** The 2016 Captivate Retreat is sold out! ***

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